At the Snuneymuxw Health Centre on Vancouver Island, an Indigenous Registered Nurse named Connie takes on a crucial role as a caregiver to the elders within her community. With unwavering dedication and compassion, she strives to bridge the gap between generations, fostering understanding about the devastating impacts of drug use on their young family members. Connie doesn’t merely provide physical care for the elders; she emphasizes the importance of open communication and empathy, forging a deeper connection between generations. In her role, Connie delves deeper to shed light on the consequences of drug overdoses, particularly the ensuing brain injuries that may result. Through her guidance, the elders gain insight into the long-term cognitive impairments that can affect the young members of their community. Connie goes beyond awareness by equipping the elders with practical tools and strategies to support their struggling younger family members effectively. With her help, the community becomes a place of understanding, healing, and support, where generations unite to create a brighter future for their youth while preserving their indigenous heritage.

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