The Caregiving Effect looks at Leah and Mark Watkin’s caregiving experience with their daughter Sarah, who was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer in October of 2012. When no full-match donor could be found for a transplant, Leah gave her own bone marrow stem cells to be transplanted into her daughter. Five months later, doctors revealed that Sarah had relapsed for the fourth time and that the disease was going to take her life. Sarah died in November of 2014.

We bring to light the complex journey of Leah and Mark’s caregiving experience, and the new reality of living with their loss of their child, as they struggle with personal healing while also simultaneously helping save the lives of others, through the “Sarah’s Drive for Hope” initiative.

Michal Goldstein, Registered Social Worker and caregiving expert, reveals how caregivers can navigate the challenges inherent in caring for a loved one, and ways to help cope with grief and loss.

Produced by NYB Media