Linda is a devoted mother who has been a steadfast caregiver to those around her all her life. Her unwavering love and support extend to her son, Derek, who grapples with the challenges of addiction. Derek plays an unexpected but pivotal role in Linda’s life by introducing her to Michelle, a remarkable survivor of intimate partner and domestic violence. Michelle’s life has been marked by the enduring scars of multiple brain injuries and her own battle against addiction. However, Linda and Michelle’s paths intersect, a powerful transformation takes place. This episode delves into the poignant narrative of Linda and Michelle, revealing the deep emotional connections that can emerge from shared experiences of trauma. As they navigate their individual journeys toward healing and recovery, a new family is forged, defying conventional definitions. Breaking Chains, Finding Family offers a profound exploration of the impact of finding solace and support within unexpected communities, underlining the resilience of the human spirit and the capacity for love to break through even the most challenging circumstances.

Produced by Roll.Focus