While coming to terms with a diagnosis of clinical depression, Moses Latigo Odida became a father to a beautiful girl born with Down Syndrome. As he adjusts to his new responsibilities as a Black caregiver, he discovers negative assumptions and stigma around mental illness, in addition to dehumanizing views about disability in some segments of his Black community. As a filmmaker determined to challenge these negative tropes, Moses interviews other Black caregivers who share their own experiences, and learns from them.

This episode demonstrates the impact of these negative attitudes to Black caregivers and their loved ones, and encourages better education about these phenomena. The ‘Down’ series aims to invite audiences, particularly within the Black community, to examine any preexisting assumptions that might be dehumanizing about mental illness and disability. It is hoped that the series can be used as a tool for building a safer community in which healthier approaches are embraced to understand mental illness and disability.

Produced by Kigaana Productions