Paramedic Nat was the definition of a super-caregiver. She cared for her aging parents, while simultaneously overachieving as a paramedic. Yet while caring for everyone else around her, she forgot to take care of herself – which led to Nat needing a caregiver of her own.

Nat’s stirring story is told through song by Canadian indie-rock icon Neverending White Lights, and 2020 Juno Award nominee Storry. This episode is a perfect reminder that even super-caregivers need to practice self-care.

This episode contains original music. Copyright 2020 held by the artists, with express written permission for use in this episode – Neverending White Lights, Storry, and D-Sisive. Licensed to Stories for Caregivers (S4C Media Inc).

Produced by Saucy Momo